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    TechChina: China-made train coaches ready for shipment to Nigeria

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    SHIJIAZHUANG, March 5 (Xinhua) -- CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd., one of China's major high-speed train manufacturers, said the third and final batch of 32 passenger coaches will be shipped to Nigeria from the Tianjin Port.

    Last April, CRRC Tangshan took an order of 60 passenger coaches, consisting of 44 cab cars and 16 trailer cars of its revamped 25T type, to be exported to Nigeria and serve along the 156-km Lagos-Ibadan rail line.

    The first batch of 16 coaches arrived at the port of Lagos on Feb. 1 while the second of 12 coaches is currently in transit, the company said.

    Since the novel coronavirus epidemic broke out, CRRC Tangshan has taken precise measures on epidemic prevention and control, calling on all units to ensure orderly progress in all projects. The company has fully resumed work at present.

    CRRC Tangshan has so far helped the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, builder of the Lagos-Ibadan tracks, complete make-up operations on half of the first 16 coaches, with air and power supply, lighting and air-conditioning systems working well.

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